June 23, 2012

WildFlour Pastry

Sprinkle Charms is almost at its one year anniversary! I still remember when I first started baking and blogging in summer 2011. Since then, I have baked, photographed, and blogged about 50 different dessert recipes. With college in my near future, I questioned how I could continue blogging without having a kitchen and ingredients easily accessible. I have decided to add a new category to my blog titled Bridget’s Bites. This section of my blog will not include my own baking projects, but instead, I will post bakery and restaurant reviews as well as miscellaneous foodie finds!

To kickoff Bridget’s Bites, I have recently visited a bakery in Charleston, South Carolina. If you have never visited Charleston, please, add it to your list of places to visit! From an outdoor market, historic housing, eclectic galleries, and delicious eateries, you are sure to find hidden treasures around every corner. So after lunch at the King Street Grill, I headed to Pastry Chef Lauren Mitterer’s Wild Flour Pastry to purchase a few desserts to sample. The bakery’s website says customers can expect wild, out-of-the-box pastries and desserts.

Here’s the verdict: The storefront is small, and the inside is trendy. One glass display case houses a sufficient pastry selection. When I visited, the desserts included cupcakes, cookies, fruit parfaits, and mini quiches. However, the shop also sells gourmet coffee and tea drinks. Prices are reasonable, but I was disappointed that the dessert flavor profiles were not out-of-the-box creative. The cookie flavors were classic and the cupcakes were decorated plainly.

My family and I had a taste test party! Here is how we rank and review the desserts we tested.

#1 Double Chocolate Cookie ($1.50): Fudgey middle, light and pillow-like outside, intense chocolate flavor, thick crackle style cookie, delish! Would recommend!

#2 Red Velvet Cupcake ($2.25): The buttercream icing was delicious and very sweet, different and more airy than a traditional cream cheese icing that is on many red velvet cupcakes. 1:1 cake to icing ratio. The sugar sprinkles on top provide a nice crunch and win me over any day! The cake was was slightly dry and lacked a strong red velvet flavor, but probably tastes better fresh out of the oven!

#3 Peanut butter cookies ($1.25): Smooth peanut butter cookies without any real peanuts, chocolate drizzle on top. The cookies were thick and buttery, but slightly dry. Good afternoon snack!

#4 Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.25): With a traditional cookie, I expect nearly perfect execution. However, this cookie missed the mark. The name was deceiving because there were no “chips” in the cookie. Instead the chocolate was melted and mixed throughout the cookie in thin ribbons. The cookie was tough, crumbly, and dry. Overall our least favorite.

Wild Flour Pastry is most noted for its “Sticky Bun Sundays” which are held every Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. unfortunately I did not have the chance to sample the famous Sticky Buns, but I would definitely consider stopping by on a Sunday if I had the opportunity!

Overall, I would go to the bakery again if I were in the area and in need of an afternoon sugar fix. The prices were reasonable, and the treats tasty.

WildFlour Pastry      
73 Spring Street, Charleston, SC  29403      

Tuesday ~ Friday 6:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Sticky Bun Sundays 8:00 a.m until 1:00 p.m.



  1. hey girl!
    just discovered your blog!
    I wanted to say welcome to the Upstate of SC, very soon :) I went to Clemson, just graduated & am familiar with Furman as I live in Anderson (right beside Greenville). You will love Furman I hope! :) Love you're blog already!


    1. Hey Catherine! It is great to hear from you! I am very excited to be in Greenville next year - a nice change from living in Ohio :) I hope to post about local bakeries/restaurants in Greenville - what are your favorite places, any suggestions??


  2. Downtown Greenville probably has the best selection of local restaurants, bakeries, bars, & coffee shops! Not to mention, clothing stores, salons & spas, & unique stores in general. There is also a beautiful park there with a waterfall, a beautiful place to walk around & spend the day!
    Some restaurants are expensive but there is a big selection of reasonably priced places!

    Chocolate Moose is a wonderful cupcake bakery! (they have a few other desserts, but go w/ the cupcakes!!)
    Coffee Underground is literally what it says it is. It's a unique coffeeshop (perfect for studying) that is nestled beneath the street level buildings.

    So many delicious restaurants down there, I can't even pick one & I definitely haven't tried them all. But I really like TRIO (Italian/American) as well as High Cotton (fancy but so good!).

    The General Mast Store has a lot of old-timey candy too, if you're interested in that! :)

    hope this helps! There is a lot more Greenville has to offer outside of DT also. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I have actually been to Chocolate Moose, and it is FABULOUS!! I will definitely be doing a post about the cupcakes. I also love Trio! That is one of the few restaurants downtown that I have tried. I will definitely have to check out High Cotton and Coffee Underground :)